G11 Podcast #4: BBC Opposition Debate, Katie Hopkins & Education at Risk

In episode 4 Andy and Calum are joined for the first time by Sam Shedden to discuss the winners, losers and coverage of the BBC opposition debates, Katie Hopkins and her bile and the risk to education for corporate interests. This time around we’ve split the podcast into three so it’s easier to get into. Once we go live on iTunes next week you’ll still be able to get the full hour long version there, but we totally understand that an hour of us is a lot to commit to. But everyone has a spare 20 mins right?

G11 Podcast #3: The SNP, abandoning Labour & the dangers of flirting with fascists

In episode 3 Stephen, Calum and Andy discuss the SNP positions (prior to their GE election manifesto release) the dangers of flirting with fascism and some house keeping surrounding Stephen’s trident assertions in Episode 2. There is some phone interference a couple of minutes in for about 3o seconds. Bear with us! It disappears. Apologies for the technical issue all the same.