Why I’m Voting And Think You Should.

“What has voting ever changed?” Absolutely everything.

The fact we’re even asking that question proves this. As politician’s began to slowly represent the interests of a privileged few mass portions of the electorate became disenfranchised and stopped turning out to vote. As a result, the misguided politician’s who only represented that privileged minority began to focus more on them because the disillusioned, understandably, refused to vote.

That’s a change caused by voting. There is no reason why this situation cannot be reversed by the very same process that the corrupt have used to further their own ends. Because this is a weapon based on numbers and we out number them.

The 8th of May could very well be the start of genuine change in this country. If you want to influence that change you have to vote on May 7th.

You have to make your voice heard, to make those in authority understand what matters to you. Because they do not understand. They’re removed. They’ve gone native. Within the walls of hallowed and dusty institutions there is no way that they can understand your values, your passions, your fears. You have to make yourself heard.

And then you have to hold those to authority to account when they fail.

Because if we do not do that, if we do not take our values, our passions and our fears seriously enough to make them heard then we have failed. Failed ourselves. And future generations.

Our electoral system is surely flawed, but it is all that we currently have. To childishly ignore it because of these imperfections is a dishonour to everyone who ever fought to make this world better through legitimate means and the idea of doing that physically repulses me.

We cannot afford to let our cynicism run away with us this time around. Nor can we afford to let our passions drown out our senses either. We have to use this opportunity to kick start the change we want to see in the world. We have to embody that change through rigorous debate, impassioned dialogue and considered intellectual reflection.

Hope Over Fear has been flung about a lot recently. It’s about time we followed through on that promise.


Voluntary sector digital comms guy, photographer & full time Henry Rollins wannabe. Often found in tartan suits. T: @CalumMcMillan2 / I: @abandonedhipster1

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