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The Rough Copy Media Group is a collective of young, talented and borderline handsome digital journalists who all met on the Digital Journalism masters course at Strathclyde University.

Tired of job rejection letters and knock backs from traditional media,  we decided to kick the door in instead of waiting for it to be opened. And while we were at it, we decided to rearrange the furniture and redecorate because the wall paper stuck on with bias and chandelier paid for with integrity aren’t to our tastes.

Media institutions are partisan by nature, even when they pretend they aren’t, which is fine. But what isn’t fine is colouring that partisan nature with commercial interests, cheap tricks, poor research, and a total lack of ethics.

Public interest journalism isn’t simply what is of interest to the public. It is what the public should be given to decide just how interested they are.

You can find out more about us on our author’s page or follow us on Twitter @roughcopyg11 or e-mail us at roughcopyg11@gmail.com.



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