Our Team

You can contact the team via their own twitter accounts, the Rough Copy Twitter ( @roughcopyg11 ) or at roughcopyg11@gmail.com

Andrew Revill – the instigator of this whole sordid affair. It’s all his fault. 6 flusher.

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Sam Shedden –  Often referred to as a cave troll by his colleagues, Sam is an argumentative writer who works as a magazine researcher and digital journalist by day and a rants and raves online in a dark room in Edinburgh by night.

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me looking fly (2)

Stephen Mcilkenny – Legal copy boy and legitimate shambles working in the centre of Glasgow. The indecisive, easy-to-sway one of the group & keen hunter of mutant starfish.

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Stewart Ross – Lonely ‘young’ Scot in Edinburgh. General killjoy.

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Luciano Garca – The handsome, cultured and foreign one.

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Calum McMillan – Ginger, bearded, speccy and in no way like Frankie Boyle. Calum spends most of his evenings behind a camera photographing bands and their dubious haircuts. Frequently found in Tartan suits and on tinder.

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